Frequently Asked Questions

We've prepared a list of questions and answers that reflects most of the things guests want to know

If this list doesn't include your question, just ask!  We'll be happy to answer it, and who knows -- maybe it will end up this list too!  Here goes...

Do I have to bring my own bedding/pillows?

No, bedding is provided for all beds in our homes, including clean sheets, blankets, comforters, and pillows.

What cooking/eating utensils will I need?

Our homes are provided with all ordinary cooking equipment, including pans, cutlery, dishware, and grilling tools. Unless you have a specific and unusual requirement, you should not need to bring anything to cook with.

Do you provide gas for the grill?

If your home is equipped with a gas grill, it is either piped to a fixed line, or propane canisters and spares are provided. 

Do I have to clean up after myself?

We do not expect you to do the laundry; you didn't go on vacation to clean house, after all! However, we may assess an extra cleaning charge if the home is left in an unusually filthy state, e.g. mud tracked all over the carpets, dirty caked-on dishes, etc. If you're reasonably decent, there won't be a problem. Our check out instructions email covers the couple of items we ask that you take care of. 

Will I be hit with charges for minor damages?

We expect a certain amount of wear and tear, as well as consumption of products. We expect you to use the toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, etc., and there'll be no charge. We also understand that light bulbs blow, plates break, and there may be the occasional scratch on the wall. We charge only for unreasonable damage or missing items that can't be considered normal usage – lost towels, torn sheets, mud-ruined comforters, a hole bashed in the wall, a whole case of paper towels vanished, that sort of significant and unusual thing.
Can I check in early/check out later?
Possibly, depending on when the next guest will be arriving. Early check in and late check out fees are detailed in your arrival email and we ask that you wait until you've received that email (5 days before arrival) to ask about it.

Please note: early check-in and late check-out may be rescinded later on if a different group reserves the nights immediately before or after your booking. If that happens, we will contact you and let you know that your early check-in or late check-out is no longer possible. While rare, this does happen from time to time, so please be aware of the possibility. 

Can I bring my pet?

Yes, you may bring your pet to most (but not all) of our properties. There is an additional cost of $150 for up to 2 pets. Please note that this is a pet rent fee, not a cleaning fee; you may still be charged an excess cleaning fee if your pet leaves a mess. We also must approve the breed of pet.

Sometimes our guests invite friends to come and spend the day, but not overnight, and those friends bring a pet. Since the pet isn't spending the night, there is no pet fee. However, please be aware that we may assess an excess cleaning charge if necessary. 

Is there an extra charge to use the hot tub?

No, the hot tub and all other amenities are included at no additional charge.

Do your homes allow smoking?

Smoking is strictly forbidden in or on any of our properties. This includes outdoor patios and rooftop decks. There will be a cleaning fee of up to $250 if evidence of smoking is found. This includes ALL TYPES of smoking.

What is your cancellation policy?

When you rent a property from Xenos, the entire property is reserved for your exclusive use, and so it is unavailable for anyone else to rent. A cancellation usually means that nobody will be able to stay at the property for that time, because most people plan their vacations in advance. Therefore, we do not encourage cancellations. We also strongly encourage purchasing trip insurance. Your specific cancellation policy can be found in your renter agreement. There are some differences when booking directly through us versus when booking through VRBO or AirBnB.

How do I get into the home I rented?

5 days before your scheduled arrival, we send you an email with check in instructions, house rules, Wi-Fi info, etc. This way, you can arrive however late suits your schedule and you don't have to worry about meeting anyone in person. If for some reason you don't receive this email, check your SPAM folder or write us to have it re-sent to you.

What if my guest numbers change after I make a booking?

No problem! You can simply change your guest numbers up or down by letting us know, and we'll adjust the charges accordingly if needed.

Who counts as children?

When counting guests at our homes, children are defined as anyone who has not yet reached their 18th birthday. 

Do you accept service animals?

Any of our properties which accept pets can also accommodate service animals by prior arrangement, for which there will be an additional cleaning charge. Documented, government-issued proof of service animal status is required.

What do you suggest we do while in town? 

Nashville.       Music City, USA.       Nashvegas. Whatever you call us, we are one of the top destinations for people like you, ready for a fun getaway. We here at Xenos Guest Friend have compiled some of our favorite To-Do lists for you to check out. From the official city guide to local blogs, whatever you're coming here for, we've got you covered!
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We could go on and on. There is so much to do in and around Nashville! The number one request we have - HAVE FUN!!