Luxe Outdoor Retreat

Helpful information for your stay!


Street parking is free but please abide by any posted signage. Please do NOT park in the back driveway or in the alley.

**Living Room**

The TV will be set to "Art" mode upon arrival. To change it to TV, _____. If the TV is off, please be patient when turning it back on- it takes a moment. You may use You Tube TV that is logged in. If you use any other streaming services please be sure to log out of your account before you leave. 


 Pilot should be lit during cold seasons. Simply flip the light switch on the left of the mantle and the fireplace will come on.

**Other Household Notes**

There are several storage closets and doors around the house locked off from guest use. Please do not attempt to gain entry.

The 2 small beverage refrigerators in the kitchen are not for guest use. 



Trash bins are located just outside the back gate in the alley. Please place all trash in the appropriate can (brown for trash, green for recycling). Recycling MUST be only paper, cardboard or plastic and cannot be in a bag.

**Swimming Pool**

Please use caution and be respectful when enjoying the swimming pool. NO GLASS in the backyard. You will be charged for any draining and cleaning fees associated with glass breakage in or near the pool.

Please use the half bathroom in the Art Studio/Pool house when wet to avoid tracking water through the main house. 

**Grill & Griddle care**

Please clean the grill and griddle after each use. This video shows the easiest way to clean the griddle.

How to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle | Blackstone Griddles (

Please don’t use the bristle side of the scraper (located in the cupboard under the grill)


**Backyard Rules**

To use the outside fireplace, place some wood on the holder and turn the gas on low. 

The furniture that is not under the covered areas MUST be covered when not in use, especially if it rains.

The heaters and gas for fireplace & grill/griddle need to be off when not being used.

Please ensure all exterior gates to the yard are closed at all times.

No access to garage, or back driveway. 

Do not disturb people in unit above the garage.

 The studio/pool house is a working art studio. Please do not disturb any of the supplies or climb the ladder to storage. There may be some food stored in the refrigerator or freezer in the pool house, please do not use the food but you are welcome to use the fridge. 

Please be respectful of neighbors with noise while enjoying outdoor space. This is a mostly residential neighborhood and any noise complaints will not be taken lightly and may result in a fine.