Peace Lodge Home Page

Helpful information for your stay!


Weekly Plant Maintenance

Every Monday Plant Nanny will be at the home to water and maintain all the beautiful plants inside and outside. They will typically be there between 10-11am and will take about 20-30 minutes to complete their job. You do not need to be present for this.




Murphy Bed

To open the bed, pull the handles then pull the foot bar over and down. Linens are located in the right hand side cupboard.

IMG_2968 (1).MOV



Trash bins are located just outside the garage doors in the driveway area. Please place all trash in the appropriate can. Recycling CANNOT include glass nor be in a bag.


Swim Spa

This home comes with one of the most unique amenities: A swim spa on the roof!! It is amazing but with that also comes responsibility. Spa MUST be covered anytime its not in use. And while we know the rooftop looks like a grassy lawn, please DO NOT walk on it! It is meant purely to look at plus we don't want you falling off the roof!

To remove the cover, you will be able to unhook the clasps (including the first clasp on the far side) from the outside. After that, we recommend you go ahead and get in to roll the cover up. It will rest on the bars at the back. The hooks that are out of reach on the far side will be left undone for you.

Please note that this is a swim spa, so it will only go as high as 99 degrees. Enjoy the jets in one of the two seats or get some exercise in using the swim feature on the control panel!


Other Notes

Please be respectful of neighbors with noise while enjoying outdoor space. This is a mostly residential neighborhood and any noise complaints will not be taken lightly and will result in a $250 fine. No sitting on handrails of balconies. Please don't throw trash over the sides of the balconies. No signage or decorations displayed on the outside of the home or the fences without express permission from Xenos.