The Songbird Home Page

Helpful Information for your stay!

Building entrance is located on 2nd Avenue - to access you may want to walk down Bankers Alley from 3rd Avenue due to construction on 2nd Ave.

Walk from 3rd Ave.mp4

Or you can come up the sidewalk from 2nd Avenue if you park in the parking garage there.

Walk from 2nd Ave Garage.mp4

The keypad is to the far right of the double front doors. Use your 6 digit code followed by the # key. 
Once in the elevator, use the same 6 digit code followed by the # key and press the floor 4 button to take you up to your beautiful rental!
We have provided starter K-cups for you as well as creamer and sweeteners
The condo is set up with multiple Sonos Sound bars that can be accessed via the wall mounted iPads around the space. 
Parking is not provided with the condo booking, however, there are several paid lots and garages on the block.   We recommend The Whitefront Garage which is practically next door!
Whitefront Garage | Downtown Nashville (
Trash - there are 3 large blue dumpsters down Banker's Alley across 3rd Avenue in the parking lot for your use (sorry they are far away, this is due to the ongoing road work out front)
**Emergency Exit**
DO NOT exit or prop the back emergency door.  The alley tends to attract many questionable individuals and there may be a security issue if the door is opened.
Each TV is a Smart TV. You're welcome to log in to your personal streaming accounts but please remember to log out when you leave.  DO NOT change settings or purchase Movies - you will be charged a $25 service fee
**Additional Rules**
Please only use makeup towels or remover wipes to remove make up - charges will be incurred for stained or ruined linen

Absolutely no smoking or vaping!! $500 fine for a false fire alarm

$500 Fine for any Parties on additional guests on property with immediate eviction (per rental agreement)

Quiet Hours 10PM-8AM